It was good to believe that

Akayovu Do you think anything is holding us here?

Kama What do you mean...You are my guest, you can go anywhere. But how am I supposed to hold myself?

A  You think you’re outside of gravity?

K  You call it gravity, I call it my heart. It stops, I stop. It stays where it is, and I stay where it is.

A   Umutima.

K   Umutima.

A   My consciousness

K   And you have a good consciousness, a good collection of records.

A   We re:member, member again.

K   With all the members of your body.

  You talk as if you were outside of any body.

K   Anybody.

A   You have no heart, no skin?

  Rest in tuition is pierced in my solar plexus, it’s been going on for too long for me to possibly forget.

  Calling on Sun Râ?

K   Not yet. I’ll let her have her siesta, she deserts it.

  You mean deserves it.

K   Yes.

A   But why she? Didn’t our parents always talk about the child born from water and King … as a boy: the God of Sun, and not the Goddess?

K   Yeah, and why is that so? That made me be a woman. And maybe they are right. But why would Sun be a man?

A   And a man who gives birth…

K   …Birth to Maât…

  Goddess of truth and justice…

K   …These men’s worlds…

  Nothing new under the Sun…

K   I wasn’t calling on her, it’s her time, siesta, I’ll let her sleep.

A   Who were you calling on then?

K   When you were calling on my skin, my remembrance, my membrane, my resonance, vibrance I was calling on all these things falling on me…

A   You seem to attract this stuff.

K   All things to the people!

A   All people to you!

K   You know, this turning of a planet, you can see it even in a flat dimension as your eyes see it when you are walking…If things come from me and things go inside me…You open up and close…You turn…

A   Turn…

K   Turn…

A   Finally the tables

K   I called and opened up to what Seloua Luste Boulbina pointed out yesterday, I mean she did it a while ago calling on my ghosts, again, in 2015,

A   2015 after what? After the time started to turn…

K   Yah, 2015 after…You know…After these people who occupy our time too much, until they make believe to have discovered it…

A   Discover, uncover, such a bad cover for the records…

K   Seloua Luste Boulbina reminded me of the skin and the inside outside…

Of these people who went under their skins and wanted to possess the function of their heartbeat…

  They called it Anatomy

K   Fading in to grey

A   Oh my God, you also watched it, that series of doctors?

K   No, I heard about it…

A   How?

K   You tend to speak when you sleep…

A   Ha! My children say the same!

K   Ask them to record you once…

  They have a record in recording without record

K   For the records…

A   Anatomy

K   Anatomy. Luste Boulbina sees well a curiosity here. While the white skin is regarded not of value once one would examine the body-inside, the organs. But for Black peoples they suddenly have no anatomy, nothing matters but their skin.

A   Bringing it down to colour.

K   Colour.

A   An Anatomy in

K   Grey, white, black… Look closer. Is there a colour inside any body?

A   Yes

By that time, Sun Râ had woken up from her sleep and turned the land into

K/A  Red

K   Shh, she’s waking up, let’s not call on her again…

A   Yes. Except that for this time, she called on us

K   You have the better ears, you can hear inside my reddest anatomy. Ultra red.

A   Infra loud


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