A Time Called Kronos

Once upon a time

There was a generous Existence

Called Earth

Painting by Samira Hodaei for Akayovu

It had invited

Many Existences

To A Fest

It shared satisfying crops

Energising Fruits and

Meditative Spices

To one condition:

The surrounding Existences would help vitalise Earth

In An Ongoing Effort

Water would pour its best Sweat on Earth

Humans would open Earth’s pores to let

Water pour in

Sun would make Plant’s heart jump

Ants would tickle Plant’s feets

Bees would kiss Flowers

As the Existences continued

Earth continued inviting to annual festivals

There was always enough for everyone

As everyone was always there for everyone

Yet, some Existences were jealous

About Earth’s tasty meals and happy guests

They wanted all for themselves

And they wanted it forever

So they did everything possible to control Earth

They decided to suffocate it and all Existences involved

The Existences were fighting against the suffocation

Fighting For Survival

Day after day

Year after year

The jealous ones were not ending suffocating

Till Earth and all Existences breathing had problems breathing
Including the Jealous and their Descendants

One by one, more Existences stopped breathing

And more and more Existences continued fighting

Until Kronos opened the stage called Corona

And Earth again would shake

Once upon a time

Time is happening