Infrasound Tracks

My love,

you tell me I should write,

for writing has been what I have done when no one would listen,

cause writing is what I do,

while no one is listening, writing

for no one

is who is always left, when one day is coming,


why         writing

  when one day is what always leaves coming

         when no one is there

for time is what always suspends

while suspense is


paying tribute to this word,

the tribe,

we’ll come to that, we’ll come today,

when no one is listening,

it’s this time of the story

when history has waited for too long to go wasted

My love,

Do you see me in that nothingness we endure for a further



This is what no one wants

Go round the thing not to cross it

Though, in our saying, saying out loud

              Truth trespasses fire, and doesn’t

Burn                                                          This is what no one wants,

                                                                                Not to Burn

                To go through and come out alive

        Because of too many trues

                           This is what no one wants,

Go round,

   Better stay in the corners,

Look to the angles we would entangle when no one is looking


My love,

it’s that time of the story,

when you talk to me through time-spaces,

I should write weighs on the bricks of the air,

I swear to the air, earth, fire, water,

You’re in your own element, the sixth sensing it though coming too soon for

overruling the fifth, undergoing the unknown unknown,

if counting was counting on

My love


It’s that time of the day

Eyes heavy loaded

    Shadows of the earths

    We call them up

    From their graves and yards,

and leave it as it is