Love & Care

Into Self Despair


Love & Care

Into the Hands of Sender

Who Cares

In a Time

Love & Care

Were Letters of Love

No One Knew the Code of

Not written in any clause

No Law Suit Cause

No Suit to find for a case

Of full disclosure




Like a Letter

In scents of flowers

In No cents of capital powers



A Sense Of

Capital letters

For Care


Turning Care & Love

Into empty letters

Returning to senders nowhere to find

The invention of Law and Order

Based on orders

of outlaws


out for sale

selling themselves in copies

calling in law & order

in the right order

running out of rights

protection no where to find

when overproductions of orders in law wait for the right call to place themselves into order

but who did order

sending back overproductions of outofloves

taking in the outlaws

with their emptiness

as side dishes

side effect diseases

in fine print

to fill the streets with

murder, burning, fear, despair

who to call for

when love is mute

when trying to arrange a little dispute

to avoid the global damage compute

who to call when no sender to find

on that empty letters

that fill copies of law & orders

They robbed the letters

Love & Care

Poisoned them with anaesthesia

Scratched their skins, ripped off all hair

Set them out in disappear

They burned the letters

Love & Care

Drowned them in copies of Law & Order

They run the streets in despair

Looking for love

To order