Consumption assumptions

All Days, oh what a rat race!

in the world of consumption conducted assumptions,

preparing for the boycott,

say Global Warning

It happened at day

The eyes, a quarter to opened, shadows of the earths, traces of souls

Heavy loaded, carrying themselves on to


It might have been eight

The time of no times

Is real when it reaches your bones

Every morning a death in the world of assumptions

Consumption conducted

deduce in use

reduced red lights

of x-rays

On this day

To excuse

No day per day

To extract extra

payments from no reality,

payments for no reality, only

Virtuality, of money, of time,

Of life,

Hell on earth who’s next is gonna be first

When the mob runs deep, on every corner so clear,

You would wonder no more

If this world lost it

is lost, lost

It is, if it ever was

To hide or not to hide

The shadows of eyes on this daylight,

It burns all credibility,

Killed it with all reality lost credits, crudity is scrutiny in this first to die World,

Because of no world, humanity lost,

It happened at day, everyone could see that bombing Lybia was bombing Lybia was not saving Lybia, you knew that killing Africans was killing Africans, is cutting theirs roots, again, for something called the war on roots, something heard Ursachen-kampf

Arms killing to the rhythm of Mein Kampf pitching high the chorus


It happened

Happens, still happ(y?)ends,

At day

You wake up, no time for breakfast

Breaking the system and make it fast

You go out, no time for cooking

Cooking ideas so the body flows,

You come home, no time for time,


Of too many illusions, no reality, except for the virtual

You know why Germany is rich?

Because here words are to confuse

Confuse rich with waste

Because economics are not there to economize

Economize the mass production for mass outselling on plastic, carried by massmediatic waste in haste

Because you could drink your coffee for way less virtual money

If you did it at home

Because you could do it if you had any time at home

Or if you had time if you had money to expense on coffee,

You know why Germany is rich

Cause you’d rarely have a moment drinking coffee at home, you drink it outside,

When would you have breakfast,

The whole nation is fed by bakeries, coffee shops, restaurants

In Germany if you want to survive, you don’t live, and you pay the costs of it

When, once in a while, you want to live, you kill the ones who sustain your


The bakeries, the restaurants, the coffee shops,

The family, the friends,

Dear friend,

it happened at day

That arms were used to orchester eclipses of forms, former lives,

1914, Germany at war, no gold anymore to balance the costs,

Shootings give the cast for a virtual basis we still anticipate

Everytime we say money in this sold out country.

For selling is what never was yours.

They play life like games, play living on virtuality, if one sheet of paper

Can bring people one day further,

And one sheet of paper needs many trees

If with the last tree the last human lives

Then with one sheet of money

We eat our own death

Consumption assumptions

Will make you believe money makes a living

That with what you are giving in life

Money is compensating

When all money does is taking


All too many lives

Consumption assumptions

Will make you believe money makes a living

That with what you are giving

In Life

Money is satisfying

When in fact all money does is


in this first sold world, from head to bottom,

the beginning of what could have been

Your life