S1 Ep1 Waking

With the superb starling I woke up

Half an hour from there and the sun got up.

Sitting in my kitchen, I imagined parents and children filling up sandy beaches, building castles of sand, bathing in sea water, tasting of the salt of the earth.

It was summer in Europe.

In that half hour, with the rising

my hopes that this sea water

will not kill more lives

off the coasts

of Europe.

For summer is a façade.

It’s centuries of war in Europe.

It is the war between idea and human.
Europe’s idea of itself on one side, survival of human existence on the other.
Europe, the idea, is going under.
The human quest for human life is more strongly felt today.

It is the turn of an era in Europe.

At the turn of the century, a piercing wind blows, silence around its wings.
It is the silence around the end of Europe.
The story of how a myth is told at the end.

When opponents and proponents of Europe

one language: Europe first.