We don’t pray in Kama

Imana is what we call God
Nature’s creator
                                            Imana is God
                       It traces back to what means chance, and luck

In the cording mindrise and mindset  of Alexis Kagame
(Philosophie bantu-Rwandaise de l’Être, p. 334-335)

                               The one that’s beyond logic, beyond functions, the one that                                      
                        lives, vives, and survives

When Western Christianity took

out of                  human’s life
                                     They made humans to ones who obey
(See Père Bernardin Muzungu)

When they shall be guided by Nature, respond to it, be able to respond


                                           The religion of Nature is practiced by all humans
      Nature alive When

Take care of it

Treat it well

We call it Good

                                     With all its derivatives

Humans know what is Good through experience
They repeat Good through practiced knowledge
Good, meaning Unite in Proto-Indo-European
Repeating Unity
      Member again

La prière n’existe pas dans l’Afrique plurimillénaire

No      Good When          no   Re      :      Member
A Matter For                                Spirit
                Harmony                         Balance